It’s not official, but it looks like Ontario’s 2017 soybean yield will come in at around 43 bushels per acre.

That’s down from the 46-bushel five-year average, but considering the challenges Mother Nature threw at the crop during the past growing year, OMAFRA soybean specialist Horst Bohner will take it.

In this edition of RealAgriculture Soybean School, Bohner looks back at the year – from the struggles to get the crop planted during the soggy spring; to white mould issues in eastern Ontario; and an extremely dry August and early September in key southwestern growing areas.

Bohner discusses what he learned from his research trials and some of the insights he’ll be sharing with growers during the winter meeting season. He believes the fundamental difference between a 45 and a 65 bushel-per-acre crop comes down to fertility. Bigger yields require building optimum soil fertility and ensuring the plant is taking up those nutrients.

In the interview, Bohner also emphasizes the important role fungicides will play in helping take soybean production to the next level in Ontario.

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