Wheat Pete’s Word, Dec 13: A cover crop crash and the great aeration debate

In this episode of The Word, host Peter Johnson talks drilling wheat, rotational questions, plot data, drying and much more.

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  • 01:05 – Wheat is wonderful — full stop!
  • 01:40 – Only wheat left in Australia. A quick harvest update.
  • 02:00 – The Ontario Agronomy Guide (811) is finally available online.
  • 02:25 – Spots of winter wheat killed due to standing water — what now?
  • 03:40 – How early is too early to seed oats?
  • 05:15 – A question from Idaho: What’s the best sequence of crops with oats, peas, wheat, mustard and flax?
  • 07:00 – One farmer’s corn and double-crop soybean yields.
  • 07:55 – One farmer baled corn stalks with soybeans following got 55 bu/ac, where no baling he saw 49 bu/ac.
  • 08:40 – Are IP soybeans worth it? Go to gosoy.ca.
  • 09:20 – Neonic vs funigicide-only yield differences.
  • 10:35 – The mystery of a cover crop crash.
  • 12:05 – Pros and cons of windbreaks.
  • 13:10 – The aeration debate. When do you turn the aeration fan on? Should I turn it on at night?

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