Year: 2018

Agrirepel protects silage and grain bags from pests

It all started in France. One farmer was complaining to another that he was losing as much as 30 percent of his silage due to pests. In this case, the second farmer did more than just sympathize, he started to ponder solutions, and eventually a product was created and a company was born. The company… Read more »

Syngenta to end pursuit of hybrid wheat commercialization in North America

Sources within Syngenta have confirmed with RealAgriculture the company will withdraw from pursuing commercialization of hybrid wheat in Canada and the United States. Sources added the company does not see a commercialization strategy that makes financial sense due to regulatory factors, commercialization issues and the royalty environment in both countries. In an statement sent to… Read more »

Trade, climate change, and election strategy – just another day for CFA’s Ron Bonnett

It’s difficult to know where to start when you talk with Rob Bonnett, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA). Bonnett always has a full plate, and the closing weeks of November are no different as his organization tends a hot stove stoked with issues ranging from trade to climate change and a coming… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Nov 15: Food waste, dinner bells, and feeling good about food

It’s been awhile since RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney had a co-host, but when in the Ottawa area, you can be sure that field editor Lyndsey Smith will don that headset and get the job done. On today’s show: Dara Gurau, from, about feeling good about food Anita Stewart, the inaugural Dinner Bell award… Read more »

Federal government supports two agriculture public trust initiatives

The news Parliamentary secretary Jean-Claude Poissant, on behalf of Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay, was in Gatineau, Quebec, this week to announce funding for two projects focused on food safety and public trust in Canada’s food system. Announced at the Food Safety Forum, held following the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s Public Trust Summit,… Read more »

Getting a jump on food loss and waste at processing

Much of what we produce in agriculture ends up wasted, not eaten. While food waste in your own home may be the first thing you think of, much of food loss and waste happens at processing. Speaking this week at the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) Public Trust Summit, Cher Mereweather, executive director of… Read more »

RealAg Bookclub: The Soil Fixers with Harold Rudy

Much has changed on the Ontario soil conservation front since 1987. No-till farming has been firmly entrenched, most farms in the province now proudly tout their own Environmental Farm Plan, and soil health is recognized as key to a $13 billion food economy that fuels 800,000 jobs. It’s a 30-year journey that Harold Rudy captures… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Nov 14: Winter wheat acres, salvage values, and rut repairs

Harvest weather has not been kind, but some great yields make up for it at least a little for many Ontario farmers. We’ve also got some good news on wheat acres, too. It can’t all be good, of course, and this fall weather has left many fields rutted and compacted. What to do about tillage?… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Nov 14: Who trusts who in food, advocacy success stories, and tractors in the cold

Today RealAg Radio broadcasted its show from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s Public Trust Summit at Gatineau, Quebec. With a big thanks to our show sponsor Corteva, today’s show features discussions with: Crystal Mackay, from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, on the recent results of their public trust survey. Some concerning trends are… Read more »

Northern Strands wins innovation award for bin safety harness design

Climbing on bins is one of the things that you just have to do if you are a farmer. If you do not have to do it yourself, someone who works for you has to do it. Grain bins have evolved over the years, but the same could not be said for fall protection (safety… Read more »

Competition Bureau puts the brakes on La Coop’s proposed purchase of Cargill assets

In order to preserve competition in southwestern and central Ontario, the Competition Bureau has concluded La Coop fédérée’s (LCF) proposed purchase of Cargill’s Ontario grain business, retail crop inputs business, and 50 per cent equity interest in South West Ag Partners, Inc. may not proceed as presented. LCF announced the deal with Cargill back in March… Read more »

Wheat School: What it takes to keep Canada at the cutting edge of wheat breeding

In any industry, you can go backwards by merely standing still. In research, even something as traditional as wheat research, the same is true. You have to keep moving forward or other players will pass you and your innovations will be obsolete before they even get out of the laboratory. Luckily for Canadian farmers, there… Read more »

Feds announce more than $150 million for Protein Industries Canada Supercluster

The federal government has announced close to $153 million for support of the Protein Industries Canada (PIC) Supercluster. The funding will be matched dollar for dollar by the private sector. The funds will help the group – comprised of businesses, post-secondary institutions, and non-profit organizations – move the PIC Supercluster forward. The purpose of the supercluster is… Read more »

Prairie producers have new payment option for WLPIP

The Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) has been around for more than four years, and this year they’ve added a feature to help producers cover the premium. New this year, the premium paid can be put on account – subject to interest. Ranchers then have until the expiration of their policy to pay their… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Nov 13; Doubling trade between Canada and China, drought in India and Tyson looking to acquire

Today on RealAg Radio Shaun Haney will have the top ag news stories of the day and we have five takeaways from Agritrade for you including how broadband access is really our rural disadvantage. Brian Innes from the Canola Council of Canada is in Beijing, China and will update us on the intent to double… Read more »