Build a legacy one decision at a time

If you’re five years away from stepping back from the day-to-day operation of your farm, you’re likely to make different management decisions than say when you were five years in to your farming journey.

But it’s rare for a farm to have such a distinct start and end point — most farms are a blend of two, and even three, generations working together. The business builder and the (increasingly) risk averse are farming side-by-side. How do you decide what big-picture decision is best for the farm?

If you’ve struggled with these decisions on your own farm, you’ll want to hear what Carl Gould, entrepreneur and business consultant, has to say about the unique challenges farmers have on differentiating the business, attracting and retaining staff, and making those key decisions to ensure a legacy for your farm.

Below is a sneak peek (listen) to what attendees of the fourth-annual TechTour LIVE event will hear from Gould, when he takes the stage at Brandon, Saskatoon, Red Deer, and Lethbridge in mid-March.

Ready to take your farm to the next level? Join RealAgriculture and presenting sponsor Dow AgroSciences at TechTour LIVE March 13 to 16, 2018, to hear from top-notch business and production speakers that will help you elevate your farm business. Find more information and to buy tickets, tap here.


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