Grimme introduces largest self-propelled potato harvester

Ventor 4150 (photo via Grimme).

Grimme’s self-propelled potato harvester line just got a little wider, and bigger, with the introduction of the Ventor 4150.

The 4-row, self-propelled, 530HP behemoth was unveiled at Agritechnica 2017 in Germany, where it won a silver innovation medal.

It’s the first 4-row potato harvester to be fitted with the company’s “SE system” of conveying, lifting and sieving webs for gentle handling while devining and removing trash, which Grimme notes has become standard on 1-row and 2-row harvesters.

Ventor 4150 (photo via Grimme).

The machine divides crop flow into two main-lines, ending in a 15 tonne unloading bunker. There are also no wheels in front of the intake unit, allowing for less soil compaction, and fewer damaged potatoes.

With crab-steering and large flotation tires, the Ventor 4150 harvester offers maneuverability above its tractor/implement counterparts. It also offers an “unobscured 360 degree view” with video surveillance through two high quality wide lens cameras.

RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner had a chance to speak with Grimme’s Cord-Hinrich Furstenau about the machine at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany. Hear their conversation, and see footage of the massive Ventor in action:

The machine will be available in limited quantities in Europe for 2018, with the goal of coming to the North American market in 2020.


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