Harvesting cotton and data with John Deere

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Sensors and data collection are being used to improve efficiency throughout agriculture, including in cotton production.

John Deere showcased its Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology at Agritechnica 2017 on its massive CP690 cotton harvester.

The CP690 offers non-stop cotton harvesting technology, and now collects 27 data points for every module of cotton, including on-the-go moisture measurements. And, according to the company, the readings are industry-leading in accuracy in the critical 9-13 percent moisture range.

Since the data can be shared easily, ginning also has the potential to see increases in efficiency, particularly by improving the consistency in module group moisture levels.

In addition, round module weighing is now standard on CP960 Cotton Harvesters, allowing faster calibration from field to field.

And with the Operations Center Field Analyzer app, an operator can see Harvest Identification and Cotton Pro data with Harvest Doc Cotton yield mapping. Each module is visible in the field, along with data points such as moisture, weight and variety.

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney had the opportunity to hear more about the new system from John Deere’s Christopher Murray, at Agritechnica.


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