Market Recap: Record canola acres, pulse crop frustration, and wheat optimism

Are you holding out for $10 yellow peas, when you know you’re profitable at $8 per bushel?

That’s just one of the gems we’ve mined from this quick market recap from none other than FarmLead founder, Brennan Turner.

Earlier this week, Turner once agains joined Shaun Haney at the RealAgriculture booth at FarmTech to wade into the murky waters of grain market moves into 2018 and beyond.

You’ll hear these two banter about canola acres reaching sky-high limits, the (un)likelihood of pulse tariff removals, the oat/China connection, the reality of farm economics, and the ol’ dust-and-bin-bust adage.

How do you plan for these trends? How do you make money on any of this? Take a listen below (even Lyndsey found this market recap entertaining, and that’s saying something).

Catch Brennan Turner’s weekly grain market analysis every week on RealAgriculture, here.


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