Piers Morgan trolls trolling vegans in support of farmer breakfasts

Courtesy of North Wales Rural Crime Unit

In an era where “offensive” seems to have an ever-widening set of definitions, a group of police officers found themselves under the defensive wing of journalist and television personality Piers Morgan.

How it all started

Members of the North Wales Rural Crime Team wanted to support local farmers after the country’s National Farmers Union hosted a ‘farmhouse breakfast’ campaign with a picture of a very hearty farmhouse breakfast. The heaping plate of sausage and eggs would be the desire of most traditional breakfast enthusiasts…except, it seems, for one very sensitive, easily offended vegan.

The tweet, which inspired innumerable responses via social media and has been covered extensively in mainstream media, clearly struck a cord with vegans and meat lovers.

Even TV talk show host Piers Morgan got involved by tweeting: “You know what, vegans – pi*ss off.”

Morgan continued with his ‘reverse trolling’ of the vegans who responded to his original tweet by showing support for meat lovers with his own meaty picture.

The flood of replies to his twitter account has been predictable, but Morgan did not stop there, later adding that he been on a “savage vegan-blocking rampage”, calling the activists “radical kale munchers”.

Activists pushing to tax meat like cigarettes

The outrageous response to the North Wales Rural Crime team’s breakfast picture in support of local farmers is sincerely nothing but special interest groups being offended for the sake of being offended.

A meaty breakfast is not offensive — it’s tasty.


Shaun Haney

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