RealAg Radio, Jan 15: Mapping money, investing in resistance, and intercropping

It’s a jam-packed Agronomic Monday! Today on the show:

  • Ken Currah, president of the Ontario Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) Association, talks about the growth in the program, the need for CCAs in the province, the 4R Certification and more. Hear the full conversation.
  • Mapping field profitability — Clarence Swaton of the University of Guelph talks about his interest in mapping profitability; the importance of ecosystem services; the Canadian brand; and more.
  • The implications of the rapid change from too-wet to too-dry and what it means for 2018, with Brunel Sabourin of Antara Agronomy.
  • What’s going on with the tariffs on peas and lentils in India? An update from Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research.
  • Soybean cyst nematode, with Iowa State University professor Greg Tylka.
  • Hugh Dietrich joins resident agronomist Peter Johnson to share his top tips on wheat production, ranging from splitting nitrogen to installing tile drainage.
  •  The impact of removing corn residue, with USDA research agronomist Shannon Osbourne.

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