RealAg Radio, Jan 23: Grumpy Bob, Barlow’s trip to Washington & Canada’s TPP commitment

It’s a busy news day, as Canada and the other 10 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership reached a deal this morning — welcomed news for export-oriented sectors of Canadian agriculture.

On today’s show, Shaun Haney is joined by:

  • Kelvin Heppner to discuss the TPP commitment made by Canada, NAFTA, and the launch of the Do More Ag Foundation;
  • Jon Treloar of Monsanto BioAg for a conversation about the potential for biologicals;
  • Jim Wiesemeyer, Farm Journal‘s Washington Policy Analyst, on the dynamics between Canada and the U.S. with round six of NAFTA negotiations underway in Montreal;
  • John Barlow, associate agriculture critic for the federal Conservatives, on his trip to Washington with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

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