RealAg Radio, Jan 24: A revised deal, an award winner, and the best decade to farm

Last week, host Shaun Haney wrote a post asking, if you could jump in a DeLorean and farm in any era, when would you go? He starts off the show with some responses to that question.

Which decade would you choose to farm in?

Then, on the show:

  • Top Ag News, with a focus on trade (reactions to CPTPP from supply managed sectors, pressure from auto; pea and lentil exports from Canada; and more).
  • Ultimate Rocky Experience contest winner Chris Anders joins to talk about his new fleet of equipment.
  • Brian Innes, president of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance, joins to discuss CPTPP and how NAFTA talks are going.
  • How does the dairy industry feel about the news? Graham Lloyd, general manager of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

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The U.S. had increased dairy market access to Canada through TPP and they gave it up
New TPP deal, same concessions for Canada’s supply managed sectors
Over $6M announced to fund livestock and forage research in Saskatchewan


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