RealAg Radio, Jan 29: Boosting yield through kernel size, winter crop killers, and an interview with Farmer Tim

Photo: Debra Murphy, 2017

We’re celebrating the fifth Monday of January in style with this week’s edition of the RealAg Radio agronomy show.

Your host Shaun Haney is joined by none other than RealAgriculture’s agronomist and general wheat enthusiast Peter Johnson to tackle your biggest agronomy questions, such as if winter crops have died all their deaths yet. They also cover the biggest drainage tile dos and don’ts, spacing, and more.

Also in today’s show:

  • Tony Vyn from Purdue University talks kernel size, the lag period, and fine-tuning N rates for corn
  • Farmer Tim tells Bern Tobin that he’s not a celebrity, he’s just a farmer who wants consumers to see the good and the bad that makes up dairy farming in Ontario
  • Protecting your data. Is your password ‘password’? If so, listen on
  • Why don’t we have winter barley out west yet?
  • And, just how wide or narrow is the soybean burn-off window?

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