Reminiscing about the early days of RealAgriculture

We all lead busy lives that seems to have us looking ahead instead of behind most of the time. Pausing to stop and reflect can be insightful, rewarding and some real fun.

Fellow agriculture podcaster Wendell Schumm recently invited me to be a guest on his Ontario AgCast podcast to discuss a full slate of issues.

Wendell and I discussed the following:

Wendell Schumm
  • How Real Agriculture is an actual, real media company.
  • I`ll take “What’s a seedsman for $100?”
  • How to break your parents’ hearts, career edition.
  • Shaun has opinions. Want to hear them?
  • Eventually Shaun remembers meeting Wendell.
  • Doing a daily radio show is just as hard as dairy farming.
  • NAFTA, trade and supply management.
  • FTR Canada WON the War of 1812.
  • The Real Ag Hockey Pool. Let your monkey pick.

Check out the episode here

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