Saskatchewan company turns mower into zero-turn sprayer

Anyone who has upgraded from an old school ride-on lawn tractor to a zero-turn mower likely remembers the first few times they sat in the seat. It’s an innovation that has made landscaping more efficient, and for many, more fun. And now, Tide Industries is offering an implement that will give operators another use for their mower.

The company has unveiled a series of small sprayers built to fit on the front of these lawn mowers.

“With this sprayer, we put more of the weight not so much on the wheels as the front of the mower,” says Nolan Tide of Tide Industries’ Zero Spray. “With a 26 gallon tank on the front, these mowers can handle that kind of weight.”

The turf sprayer uses an ultra low drift nozzle to reduce exposure for the operator, and can be equipped with an optional marking system to reduce overlap. A different frame has been designed and built for different mowers, each one mounting in roughly five minutes.

The sprayers are operated by a simple on/off foot switch, and the booms can fold to allow the operator to mow without removing the sprayer.

RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner caught up with Tide at Manitoba Ag Days to talk about the new product, featured in the Inventors’ Showcase at the show:


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