TechTour: Bringing augmented reality to the field

Photo via Amazone.

Anyone who has tried to follow directions on a maintenance or repair call via telephone knows how frustrating it can be. Machines are complicated, and, in times of stress, verbal communication isn’t always easy.

Amazone’s new SmartService 4.0 is looking to change the way we train and interact with service specialists, as we find out in this TechTour episode.

The German agricultural manufacturer’s technology consists of three main components:


SmartTraining is a technology that allows service specialists to be trained through virtual reality (VR), with the help of 3D models. Amazone plans to use VR in the next training season, with the creation — and subsequent maintenance/repair — of virtual machines.


SmartInstruction allows technicians to access step-by-step instructions for maintenance/repair work through the use of augmented reality (AR) glasses, or mobile devices. Amazone plans to eventually have pre-prepared maintenance and repair instructions available for sales partners in a dealer portal, as well as providing specific maintenance instructions directly to farmers and agricultural contractors through E-Learning modules.


SmartConnect is a communication tool, allowing a service technician, farmer, or contractor to connect to a service consultant, allowing for a streamlined troubleshooting and/or repair process. The technology allows the specialist to share video, audio, pictures, drawing sections and text files. The connection can be done through a tablet, PC, smartphone and/or data glasses, and works with a 4G network.

In the following video, Alexei Kolesnikow of Bitnamic demonstrates the SmartConnect technology to RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

Amazone is currently implementing SmartService 4.0 in Germany, France, Russia and England, with a plan to introduce it into Canada in mid-February.

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