Working smart: How to cut through tech distractions

Forget the standard five and 10-year outlooks of strategic planning. Instead, have you figured out where to best put your time in in a day? Whether or not you and your spouse are collaborating to your full potential? Is technology helping or hindering your farm operation?

These are the kinds of questions Nick Bontis, professor of strategy at McMaster University, will walk TechTourLIVE attendees through during the four day, four city event happening in March.

Bontis will help farmers explore three levels of strategic planning, from personal productivity, to work/life balance, and on to group and partner dynamics. Drawing on 20 years of research and experience on strategy, Bontis will share best management practises for collaborating with your colleagues, family, and spouses, so your farm is nimble and adaptable and ready to pivot and make the most of opportunities ahead.

Hear Shaun Haney and Nick Bontis’ discussion:

Ready to take your farm to the next level? Join RealAgriculture and presenting sponsor Dow AgroSciences at TechTour LIVE March 13 to 16, 2018, to hear from top-notch business and production speakers that will help you elevate your farm business. Find more information and to buy tickets, tap here.


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