Canola Council looking forward amidst membership changes

Jim Everson and Shaun Haney in the RealAg Booth at FarmTech '18. Photo credit: Debra Murphy

Grower groups and value chain organizations are under constant pressure to deliver value for their membership.

Proving relevance and value to an aligned value chain is a complicated balance of keeping an organization moving forward and towards agreed upon goals. But reaching that consensus on direction and capitalizing on opportunities can be a challenge when factoring in the needs of growers, processors, and end users.

Jim Everson, president of the Canola Council of Canada, stopped by the RealAg booth at FarmTech in Edmonton to discuss recent changes within the canola value chain organization.

As he discusses in the interview below, the Canola Council is moving forward, even as one major member has dropped out for 2018, assessing what the council’s role is, who fills what needs, and how they best capitalize on opportunities. He also discusses what chance there may yet be of a Canadian oilseeds council being formed.




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