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Are you looking to push your wheat yields higher, while maintaining access to good milling wheat markets? Alliance Seed is excited to launch its new CPSR variety, SY Rowyn.  With excellent milling quality and exciting market options, SY Rowyn is a win for grain producers and marketers alike.

All Around Performer

Released as a Dark Northern Spring (DNS) line in the U.S. northern plains in 2014, SY Rowyn is known south of the border as the “all-around performer”, offering wheat growers consistently high yields, good straw strength, very good disease resistance, and strong tolerance to FHB infection.

Within Canada, SY Rowyn has shown excellent results across the prairies, stretching from the Peace River region in Alberta to the Red River Valley in Manitoba.  Canadian producers looking to push their wheat yields higher while maintaining access to good milling wheat markets can now access SY Rowyn through the Alliance Seed Grower and Retail network.

Excellent Milling Quality

SY Rowyn brings a quality profile to the CPSR class, which has attracted a lot of attention from our grain partners and their customers.  Through variety registration and post registration assessment, SY Rowyn:

  • Consistently sits atop the CPSR class for protein, and tracks at a modest discount to CWRS
  • Displays good wheat flour characteristics, including high falling numbers and low protein loss
  • Possesses good milling characteristics including flour yield and low ash similar to CWRS checks
  • Shows excellent dough properties, including improved stability to CWRS checks, and excellent gluten strength
  • Bakes as good as many CWRS lines, with excellent loaf volumes

Exciting Market Options

SY Rowyn is a win for grain producers and marketers alike.  Its improved agronomy with high protein and yield potential affords producers the opportunity to produce more high quality milling wheat on the same acres, while the improved quality profile gives the grain trade more opportunity and agility with its end use customers.

Whether improving the quality of the general CPSR pool, accessing new export markets due to SY Rowyn’s prairie-wide distribution, selling to a readily accessible U.S. DNS market familiar with the variety, or increasing the CPSR component of a miller’s grist without sacrificing product quality, SY Rowyn has quickly become a favourite of producers and grain handlers alike.

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