Monitor seedbed quality on-the-fly with AFS Soil Command

Seedbed conditions should set the planter speed limit, but a seedbed is rarely uniform from one end of the field to the other or from pass to pass, often because of variability in tillage passes. Seedbed conditions should inform planter settings and speed of planting, but how can you best gauge and adapt tillage to make that ideal seedbed?

To help address the issue, Case IH has introduced AFS Soil Command on the Tiger-Mate 255 Field Cultivator. AFS Soil Command offers farmers real-time insights from below the soil surface to gauge if their seedbed is even, and perform timely yield-enhancing adjustments that minimize planter row unit bounce, says Case IH. A uniform planting pass leads to more even emergence and fewer skips, a contributor to higher yields.

The Soil Command integrates with the AFS Pro 700 display for “easy operation by operators of any skill level to perform agronomically correct tillage,” the company says.

RealAgriculture’s Bern Tobin asks Chris Larsen, with Case IH, about how the AFS Soil Command system works, why surface conditions don’t inform what’s happening below, and when you can expect to see this product in the field.



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