RealAg Radio, Feb 13: Consumer trust, protein markets and “celebrating the food we love”

Amanda Brodhagen, Crystal Mackay and Lyndsey Smith, in conversation at Canada's Ag Day celebrations in Ottawa.

Co-hosts Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith are “celebrating the food we love” today, in Ottawa. The duo discuss Canada’s Ag Day, what it means to them, and what’s going on in the country’s capital. Then:

  • Today’s reality in the protein market, with Jeff Simmons, CEO of Elanco Animal Health
  • Success in pulses, plant protein hype, export market challenges and dealing with the ‘new normal’, with Murad Al-Katib, president and CEO of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.
  • Celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day, creating connections with consumers and bringing in the next generation, with Michael Hoffort, president and CEO of Farm Credit Canada.
  • Crystal Mackay and Amanda Brodhagen join Lyndsey to talk about Canada’s Agriculture Day, Agriculture More Than Ever ambassadors, taking the conversation outside the industry, the role of social media,

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