RealAg Radio, Feb 2: Politics, population and cheesesteak vs chowder

When asked about people of different political stripes, we often expect politicians to respond with negativity. But Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the high road at FarmTech this week, saying, if given the chance, he would ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau how it’s going — how he’s handling the pressure, how his family is doing.

On today’s show, host Shaun Haney talks about the speech given at FarmTech, and much more:

  • Top Ag News – Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper at FarmTech, Saskatchewan’s new Premier and Cabinet, Cattlefax numbers and more.
  • Issues Panel – RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner, Lyndsey Smith, and Bernard Tobin join the show to talk about the week’s events, the population by 2050, Ontario politics, mental health in agriculture, cheesesteak vs chowder (as a way to pick a Super Bowl team — can you tell Lyndsey’s back?).

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What would you ask the present Prime Minister, if given the chance? 


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