RealAg Radio, Feb 9: Soya think you can grow beans

USDA photo by Lance Cheung, 2015

Are soybeans the new, hot crop? Host Shaun Haney starts the show with some staggering statistics, in this special episode featuring soybeans.

On the show today:

  • Similarities and differences between growing soybeans in Canada versus the U.S., with Minnesota soybean product selection lead Mike Tollefson.
  • Field trials and the value of soybeans in a western Canadian rotation, with Drew Fowler, territory sales representative out of Moose Jaw, SK.
  • How do we achieve our yield goals, with agronomic service representative Doug Fotheringham.
  • Farmer Panel – An agronomist and two farmers join the show to talk seeder vs planter; inoculants; in-crop weed control; harvest management; and more.

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