Salford mounts air boom applicator on Deere sprayer chassis

Salford Group has made its first foray into aftermarket equipment with the launch of mounted air boom applicators for common sprayer chassis and floater chassis.

The company unveiled its Salford-Valmar 6700 last week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The company bills the new release as the world’s only aftermarket chassis mounted air boom applicator.

In this video, Salford’s senior product manager Brad Baker explains that the 6700 will provide a complete integrated solution, similar to the spinner spreader product line the company released last year.

The mounted applicator will be available for select late model John Deere sprayer chassis (models 4930, 4940, and R4045), with the release of 6700 models specifically tailored for other makes of chassis planned throughout 2018 and 2019.

“Salford-Valmar has been building air boom applicators for decades. Our air boom technology is used on other mounted air boom applicators because of its accuracy, durability, and simplicity,” says Baker.

By focusing on a specific line of chassis initially, Salford has engineered the 6700 for seamless integration with the chassis. “Owners will enjoy a versatile applicator that makes the most of the speed, hydraulic power, and precision controls that the chassis already offers,” adds Baker.

The new boom suspension is engineered to handle the higher ground speeds and rough terrain that self-propelled chassis are known for. Hydraulic folding breakaway tips are also included to protect the 60-foot booms from obstacles. The pitch of the left and right boom sections can also be independently adjusted vertically from the cab to allow the boom to contour rolling terrain without hitting the ground.

“Our 30-inch row crop boom opens the 6700 to targeted application throughout the growing season,” says Salford’s engineering manager Mark Averink. “Producers can start with accurate dry fertilizer distribution before seeding, using the 6700’s standard broadcast kit and left/right section control. Then, they can easily change to a post-emergence, between-row nitrogen application, using the optional drop tube kit. At the same time, micronutrients can also be applied using the secondary hopper and metering. Later in the season, a cover crop can be applied between the rows.”

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