Whether driven by a respect for operator time, a desire for simplicity, or a means of drawing down input costs, the agriculture industry has seen a movement towards fewer manned vehicles.

Many farmers have moved to no-till and straight-cutting, and some silage operations are now skipping the swather too, with the help of Italian-based agricultural manufacturer Dominoni.

The company has taken the concept of a rotary disc mower and refined it into a forage harvester header, marrying cutting and chopping into one operation.

“It’s a future machine, especially for big contractors,” says Simon Rago of Dominoni, in the following interview, filmed at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

The headers are available in 20 and 25 foot widths, and are available for all makes and models of forage harvesters.

The company is looking to expand its dealer network in Canada.

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