Smart track technology uses sensors to improve durability

Are you driving too fast and compromising the life of your tracks? Maybe you’re driving too slow and could hit the throttle and get to the field faster?

Track maker Camso plans to answer those questions when they launch new smart track technology in North America. Smart track technology will see sensors embedded in tracks that will read the temperature of the track and deliver a warning to a mobile device or directly to the tractor, says Martin Lunkenbein, Camso’s service and aftermarket sales executive director for agriculture.

Camso unveiled the technology last week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. In this video, Lunkenbein explains that the goal is to help farmers travel at optimum speeds without costly and unnecessary track wear.

“The idea is to use our proprietary smart technology to gather data using the various track components (guide lugs, tread bars, carcass). From there, we can track what really impacts farmers’ profitability, durability, performance, agronomic field conditions, and more,” says Lunkenbein. A working prototype will be introduced later in 2018 with commercial launch in 2019.

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