Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of plowing land is the bumpy ride around the headlands that follows. That’s where Kuhn’s Vari-Master Smart Plow comes in.

The Smart plow offers sectional control through an electro-hydraulic system which automatically raises and lowers individual bodies based on GPS positioning data, creating a straight furrow edge where there used to be a ‘z’.

According to the company, this results in even incorporation of crop residues, reduces operator fatigue, and takes the load off the rear axle, rear wheels, and couplers. In addition, undisturbed land on the edges of a field can remain that way, with fewer passes needed and less compaction caused, as a result.

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney took a few minutes at Agritechnica last November to hear about the Smart Plow from Kuhn’s Vincent Hardy:

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