Alberta government announces $10M in fight against rural crime

Following this week’s speech from the throne, the Alberta government today announced an investment of $10 million in the fight against rural crime.

“Today in Alberta, especially in rural areas, people are concerned for the safety of their homes, their property, and the well-being of those they love,” said Her Honour, Lois Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, in the speech from the throne. “That must change.”

The New Democratic Party hopes their seven-point action plan will do just that, with $8 million going towards 39 new RCMP officers (including six new, intelligence-focused officers and four crime analysts), and 40 civilian staff. An additional $2 million will be used to hire additional Crown prosecutors.

“In recent years, crime rates have been rising in rural Alberta. The cause of this increase is complicated, and there are no easy solutions. However, we are pleased by the Government of Alberta’s investment and commitment to working with the AAMDC, rural municipalities, the RCMP and other partners to develop approaches to curb rural crime,” says Al Kemmere, president of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.

The key elements of the $10-million seven-point plan, according to a release:

  • Crime reduction units: Specially trained officers will focus on arresting prolific offenders. This initiative will expand on a successful pilot project in Central Alberta.
  • Specialized police intelligence: Six additional intelligence-focused RCMP officers plus four crime analyst positions will allow the RCMP to identify prolific offenders and target organized crime.
  • Policing support centre: RCMP officers need to be on the streets protecting our communities, not behind a desk filling out paperwork. Twenty-three civilians will input investigative updates dictated over the phone by officers.
  • More Crown prosecutors: $2 million will allow the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service to hire up to 10 Crown prosecutors who will focus solely on rural crime.
  • Better coordination: Sharing information with Alberta sheriffs, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and conservation officers will effectively make these officials additional “eyes and ears” for police.
  • Enhanced technology: The RCMP will work with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and other partners to explore new ways of using technology to target rural crime, including bait programs.
  • Public education and engagement: The RCMP will engage and educate Albertans about crime prevention.

The Alberta Government will provide $8M to the effort, with the federal government adding an additional 30 percent, under the Provincial Police Service Agreement.

The Government of Alberta invested more than half a billion dollars into policing in 2017-18, including 1,560 officer positions in rural Alberta.

One thought on “Alberta government announces $10M in fight against rural crime

  1. I maintain that the priorities of the RCMP are predicated on the fact that they typically under-staff communities which are not paying 70% of the sale of services. The RCMP are operated from a golden tower somewhere in Ottawa. The recent Line of Duty” police shooting deaths was due to Members not being equipped with bullet proof vests. What brains does it take for the top RCMP brass to take the hint from what other departments had already brought into effect, namely vests? Is this stupidity? Sound money management? Lack of interest? Or lack of contact with the real world. I have two friends in the RCMP and I feel fear for their safety when the Global news announces that Work Safe BC is investigating those line of duty deaths based on the fact the deceased members were ill-equipped. Publisher: Not sure how this relates to priorities of local police on theft from vehicles etc. Pat I searched for a reference “WorksafeBC investigates shooting deaths of police officers. Could you supply a reference to which “shooting deaths you are referring to? In 2011 body armour distributed to RCMP officers. custom writing

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