Canola School: Innovation Team focuses on “training the trainer”

Photo via Canola Council of Canada.

It’s a question people grapple with daily — is it better to be a generalist, with a knowledge on a great number of topics, or a specialist, who can talk with gumption about a specific field? The Canola Council of Canada has found a way to get the best of both worlds, with a group they’re calling the Crop Production and Innovation Team.

The team is made up of ‘agronomy specialists’ who have a vast breadth of knowledge related to agronomy, and specifically as it relates to canola. But the specialists also each have a designated field they are actively engaged in mastering.

A map of the Canola Council of Canada’s agronomy specialists, and their specialties. (Click to enlarge)

“We are a group of agronomy specialists that try to provide value to the overall canola industry by interacting with a much wider part of the value chain overall,” says Clint Jurke, agronomy director with the team, adding they work with researchers, agronomists and growers.

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Besides collaboration ranging from local to international, one of the priorities of the team is “training the trainer.”

“Where we see our value is that we train the agronomists to provide those best management practices,” says Jurke. “Often times we’re working directly with the researchers themselves to craft those best management practices.”

But even with busy schedules ranging from sitting on groups and organizations dedicated to their specialities to accessing international research and information, the agronomy specialists still make time to fulfill field responsibilities.

If you have a specific question or want to get to know your regional agronomy specialist, check out the Canola Council of Canada’s list of specialists.  

Agronomy director Clint Jurke and agronomy specialist Gregory Sekulic joined RealAgriculture’s Debra Murphy to talk about the Canola Council of Canada Crop Production Innovation Team at FarmTech in Edmonton, AB


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