Leap-frogging a regulatory agency forward

No one loves red tape, but rules and regulations are necessary. That said, rules and regulations should evolve alongside the advancement of an industry to best meet the needs, demands, and challenges of the value chain.

The Canadian Grain Commission is working at doing exactly that, says chief commissioner, Patti Miller. Just over a year ago, the federal government appointed three new commissioners, Miller as chief, Doug Chorney as assistant chief commissioner, and Lonny McKague as commissioner.

Along with her team, Miller has had a full plate since taking on the role, she shares with Shaun Haney in the interview below, including nearly immediate changes to user fees to stop growth of the surplus the commission had been accumulating. There still remains the question of what happens with the surplus, which she addresses.

The challenge of modernizing a regulatory body is a large undertaking, and Miller has set out a vision of leap-frogging forward. After 18 years of really no significant changes, Miller sees an opportunity to bring the regulatory agency forward in leaps, proving to farmers and industry that our rules and regulations are there to protect the quality and integrity of Canada’s grain industry.


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