RealAg Radio, March 1: Brotherly disputes, daily imagery and planning for a good crop

USDA photo by Lance Cheung.

Today’s show comes to us all the way from the Farmer’s Edge booth at Commodity Classic in Anaheim, CA, where host Shaun Haney is “escaping Canadian weather.” Shaun starts off the show posing the question: “what do we expect from agricultural leadership?” What do you think? Should politicians who tote an ag portfolio represent the ag industry or the government?

  • What is daily imagery offering producers? What kind of decisions could it help us make? An interview with Chris Evenson of Farmer’s Edge.
  • Darren Hefty of Ag PhD Radio joins the show to talk about the changes he’s seen in 20 years of broadcasting; pushing ourselves to learn through on-farm trials; brotherly disagreements; and making money on the farm.
  • The Whitehouse changed the narrative of discussions at Commodity Classic this week, according to guest Chip Flory, host of AgriTalk and AgriTalk After the Bell. Flory provides an update on the politics surrounding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS); infrastructure and funding for inland waterways; market optimism; and more.

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