RealAg Radio, March 23: Live cattle futures, data breaches and buying groceries online

(Phillip Stewart,, CC-2.0)

Host Shaun Haney starts off the show with Grain Perspectives’ Matthew Pot to discuss China’s response to proposed tariffs, and what it means for Canada. Then:

  • Will barbecue season catch the free-falling live cattle futures? Anne Wasko, Gateway Livestock Exchange, joins for a Beef Market Update.
  • Issues Panel – Lyndsey Smith, Kelvin Heppner and Anne Wasko join Shaun to discuss railway issues, data breaches, internet groceries and more.

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paul heglund

Re Groceries on line: It might work for dry goods but produce would not fare well in the mail. I can’t imagine it would be economical. Canada Post cost $13 for a smallish parcel. If I drive a 39 km round trip to go get the mail (in anticipation of the groceries I ordered, or just to get the mail, like usual) I might as well just go to our tiny little grocery store that is tucked in the same store as the farm supplies.
Who comes up with these insane ideas? In the city they have perfectly good supermarkets many many of them, they can get things we cannot ever hope to get in a small village that is an hour from the next town. Why don’t they use them? How farking lazy can people be?


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