For a long time, remote control ‘toys’ were just that — something for little ones to find under the Christmas tree, or beside their birthday cake. But, remote control technology is growing, in both size and scope.

Italy-based MDB offers remote control technology to help with processes like shredding, mulching, and stump grinding, among others. One of their most notable machines is the Green Climber.

The most popular machine in the Green Climber series, the LV 500, runs at 50 horsepower. With an extendable carriage and multiple attachments, the LV 500 can work in slopes of up to 60-65 degrees, with the operator a safe distance away.

“The possibility is to work 300 metres far away from the machine, but that’s not very useful because you have to see and you have to hear the machines,” says Andre Vogt of Vogt, “so normally you are maybe 10 or 50 metres away from the machine…”

The machines are marketed to maintain green areas, roadsides, highways, and other areas that are inconvenient or dangerous to reach.

Andre Vogt of Vogt joins RealAgriculture to talk about MDB’s remote-controlled machines at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

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