Hovering 350mm (~14 inches) above its base, the tractor cab definitely stood out as it sat perched atop a Deutz-Fahr 9340 tractor on display at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

So why would a tractor cab need a lift kit? No, it’s not for aesthetic appeal, but for a practical reason: tasks that require the driver face a different direction.

The technology developed in collaboration between Deutz-Fahr, Rottenkolber Umwelttechnik, and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, allows the operator to lift and rotate the entire cab. The adjustments are made via joystick once control sensors ensure no obstacles are in the way. The cab is infinitely adjustable up to 200 degrees (clockwise).

Michael Storzinger of Doppstadt, a dealer for Rottenkolber, joined RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner to talk about the rotating cab, and its potential applications:

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