The SeedPod — Ep 14: The evolution of Alberta Seed Processors

Alberta has a unique part of the seed value chain in its Alberta Seed Processors organization. For many towns, the seed plant has been an integral part of the town’s economy and, in some cases, even helped build the town.

As Monica Klaas, with the Alberta Seed Processors, explains, though, the role of the seed processors has evolved alongside the seed industry itself. Klaas joined Shaun Haney for this episode of The SeedPod at this year’s FarmTech conference.

From its beginning just over 65 years ago, hear how this these farmer-run cooperatives have evolved into grain-loading sites and more to find a fit in diverse aspects of not just the seed industry, but also the grain industry as a whole.

Listen below to this episode of the SeedPod: 

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