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From Australia to the United States to Canada, herbicide resistance has farmers around the world wondering about best management strategies. On Thursday, April 12, Shaun Haney will be moderating a webinar offered by BASF that will shed some light on this very important topic.

During the 2018 Herbicide Resistance Management Webinar, you’ll hear the latest information and insights from industry-leading experts in Canada and Australia. There’ll be discussion on current trends, weed concerns, and how to manage resistance.

The webinar kicks off on Thursday, April 12th at 8:00 am MST (Alberta & Saskatchewan: 8:00 am, Manitoba: 9:00 am), with questions accepted ahead of time, via the webinar registration page.


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Roger Mandel
Technical service specialist, BASF Australia

Dr. Bob Blackshaw
Retired weed scientist, formerly with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Andrew Reid
Technical service specialist, BASF Canada

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