RealAg Radio, April 5: Subsidies, planting plans, and vinyl records

To start out the show, host Shaun Haney catches up with RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin, from the Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford, ON. The duo discuss supply management, trade negotiations, technology, and dairy producer sentiment. Then:

  • Top Ag News
  • Farmer Rapid Fire – Producers from across the country join the show to discuss spring (winter?) conditions, planting plans, and more.
  • Buy or Sell – Kelvin Heppner’s back in the hot seat to discuss everything from China/U.S. trade deals to $8 soybeans to vinyl records.
  • The latest episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, with host Peter Johnson, who covers fertility, grazing winte wheat, barley yellow dwarf virus, and much more.

Join us for RealAg Radio every weekday at 4 pm eastern on Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM.

Please send your thoughts and feedback to Shaun ([email protected]) or Kelvin ([email protected]).



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A team effort of RealAgriculture's videographers and editorial staff to make sure that you have the latest in what is happening in agriculture.


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