German farm equipment company Köckerling, together with Austria-based Geoprospectors, have paired their technology to build seeding equipment designed to automatically account for variable soil conditions.

The Geoprospectors’ Top Soil Mapper, which is mounted on the front of a tractor (and profiled here), scans the soil and measures three main parameters from above ground: soil moisture, soil texture/compaction, and surface residue.

As Stefan Kroger of Köckerling explains in the video below, this information is used to adjust seeding rates and disc pressure (or depth) in real-time while seeding, within the parameters set by the operator.

He says they’ve concentrated on developing the technology for wheat and oilseed rape.

The soil sensor and drill are connected via ISOBUS.

Check out the video below from Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, for more on the Köckerling-Geoprospectors seeding and soil sensor combination:

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