It can be difficult, if not borderline impossible, to create a uniform seedbed out of a highly variably field. But Austrian equipment manufacturer Pöttinger is offering a new tool, with a camera-supported seedbed preparation system.

Cameras mounted between a power harrow and the seeding equipment take real-time footage of the surface of the soil, measuring “cloddiness” or roughness. The operator enters a target index value based on this imagery, and the system automatically adjusts ground speed and power harrow PTO speed to create a uniform seedbed.

The yellow camera unit for measuring seedbed uniformity mounted on a Pöttinger seeding unit.

“The driver will try the machine, look at the ground and decide if it’s good enough, and then they’ll put in the index what is necessary,” explains Thomas Keplinger in this TechTour video.

He says the company will start selling the ISOBUS-compatible camera technology this fall for 3,800 euros per seeder.

Pöttinger’s Thomas Keplinger joined RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner to talk about the system at Agritechnica, in Hanover, Germany:

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