“The grocery store — the most confusing place in the world”

(Screenshot from Funny or Die/Peel Back the Label video)

Food companies go to great lengths to differentiate and sell their products, using all kinds of marketing claims displayed on food packaging.

Peel Back the Label, a campaign funded by U.S. dairy producers, and the well-known comedy outfit Funny Or Die, recently launched a tongue-in-cheek video highlighting the problems with food labeling and what happens as food marketers try to distinguish their product from the rest of the pack.

The video features two food executives – one from a milk company and the other from a marketing agency – discussing how to differentiate their milk. The marketing guy suggests labeling it “GMO-free” but the dairy rep responds by pointing out all milk is GMO-free.

“You know it, and I know it, but no one else does, so here’s the plan: we’re going to put a label on it,” says the marketing executive.

“The scenes portrayed in this video will hit close to home for consumers because it’s what we all experience every day at the grocery store. It’s gotten ridiculous out there, and it’s time for food companies to stop trying to hype their products with meaningless distinctions,” notes Jim Mulhern, president of the National Milk Producers Federation.

The Peel Back the Label campaign was launched  last year “to expose the troubling trend of fear mongering in food marketing” and to help consumers access information to “separate hype from fact as they work to make informed food decisions for their families.”



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