Vaderstad introduces small seed kit for Tempo planters

(Photo courtesy Väderstad)

Tempting as owning new machinery may be, for many producers, the decision is made easy when a machine that offers limited functionality. It’s easier, and often more economical to rent or hire a custom farming outfit to attend to once-in-a-while jobs. But, when it comes to planter versatility, Väderstad is trying to make the decision a little harder, and the purchase a little more tempting.

The company has introduced a small seeds kit to expand its Tempo planters’ functionality.

“When we launched Tempo, it was designed for corns, soybeans, sunflowers and so on,” says Lars Thylen. “But the last couple of years there is a lot of interest to plant canola, sugar beets and other small seeds.”

The kit includes a new closing wheel bracket, spring actuated stop wheel, adjustable closing wheels, and a small screen to fit in the seed meter.

As Thylen explains in the video below, the modifications are designed for planting sugar beets, oilseed rape (or canola) and other small seed, shallow-placed crops.

The kit is available for all Tempo planters, from the 4-row Tempo R4 to the 18-row Tempo L18. It is also available to farmers who would like to retrofit existing machines, with the only limitation being the small screen for the seed meter, which requires machines to be produced from 2016 onwards.

RealAg’s Shaun Haney caught up with Väderstad’s Lars Thylen at Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover, Germany:



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