‘Learn to Lead’ heading into its third year

SaskCanola is working to encourage and train the next generation of farm leaders.

Tracy Broughton, policy and producer relations manager for SaskCanola, says that it’s leadership development is key to making sure the baton will be passed to eager and capable hands.

With that in mind, SaskCanola is starting to plan the third year of its ‘Learn to Lead’ program. The target is younger farmers, but Broughton says any farmers starting out or who want to get involved in farm leadership positions may benefit.

A variety of topics will be covered such as: basic governance, decision making, team leadership communication, and media training.

“It is just kind of a well-rounded personal development opportunity for farmers… it was of a gap that our board wanted us to focus on because we need the next generation of farm leaders to be ready to take on those positions on these boards and other areas of the agriculture industry,” she says.

Broughton says this is not just to find people for the SaskCanola board, either. “We feel strongly, as an organization, that if we have a whole cohort of people who are just genuine leaders in their communities or in any part of the agriculture industry will make for a more vibrant industry.

The leadership training is meant to help farm management in the same way that agronomy helps farm production, she says.


Dale Leftwich

Dale Leftwich farmed for over twenty years and throughout that time worked as an agronomist, seed manager and businessman. He has been on the Boards of SaskCanola, Canadian Canola Growers and Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan. He also help develop the documentary License to Farm.


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