Degelman adds seeding capability to Pro-Till disc

Laird McLeod, Degelman Pro-Till Hitch

Farmers are always thinking of ways to be more efficient: why make two or three passes through the field if you only need one?

Degelman developed its Pro-Till to work land that had to be brought into shape, but farmers started asking if they could do more with this piece of equipment, explains Laird McLeod, general sales manager with Degelman Industries in the video below.

In order to get the land in shape for growing crops, especially after wet years, farmers choose to work portions of fields, and sometimes entire fields. One of the machines they have turned to is the Degelman’s Pro-Till disc. (continues below)

Farmers being farmers, they then asked, “If we are doing one thing, why not two?” They responded by putting a fertilizer kit on the Pro-Till as McLeod says farmers told Degelman that filling the fertilizer tank was a bottleneck during seeding. “So if they can take the opportunity while they’re managing their trash and preparing the seedbed anyway, and to take some of that burden of fertilizer application off of the spring commodity cart fill time, then they just became that much more productive.”

There was strong uptake by farmers, says MacLeod, so then came the next question: “Why can’t we seed with it?”

This led to the Pro-Till seeder hitch option. A prototype, with a tow-behind grain cart attached, was on display at Ag in Motion near Saskatoon earlier this month.

The company says the rear hitch will be retrofittable for existing Pro-Tills.

“This will give a producer the piece of mind of knowing when conditions aren’t good they’ve still got the ability to get seed and fertilizer, and even pre-emergent chemical, down in a very timely manner and in a more than adequate seeding application,” says McLeod.


Dale Leftwich

Dale Leftwich farmed for over twenty years and throughout that time worked as an agronomist, seed manager and businessman. He has been on the Boards of SaskCanola, Canadian Canola Growers and Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan. He also help develop the documentary License to Farm.


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