When it comes to making heads or tails on tariff trouble in India, Chuck Penner, with Leftfield Commodities, says that while the news isn’t good, it’s not all bleak.

The tariffs and restrictions are set to continue long into harvest, Penner explains, as he breaks down each class and tariff level by crop type (and country) in the audio below.

As you can see from the tweet above, India’s import restrictions are certainly having an impact on local prices, as desired, but that’s also tightening up supplies, and without having access, Canadian farmers can do very little but wait.

Penner joined radio host Lyndsey Smith on RealAg Radio to talk about the latest on pulse tariffs in India, their local impact, the international impact, and what Canadian farmers may look forward to this fall on prices. Will these restrictions be lifted end of September as planned? Listen on.

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