RealAg Radio, July 13: The best hamburgers, strong beef demand, & new agronomy research

McDonald's says it will introduce the 'certified sustainable' label with its Angus burgers. (source: McDonald's Canada)

Friday the 13th edition of RealAg Radio — highlights:

  • What makes a good hamburger?
  • Top ag news, including Michelin buying Camso, questions about whether Ag Minister MacAulay is running again and how that fits into a possible cabinet shuffle, and more
  • Beef market update with Anne Wasko
  • Garth Patterson of the Western Grains Research Foundation on what the $9 million “integrated agronomy cluster” funding announcement means
  • Rancher Virgil Lowe on McDonald’s coming out with hamburgers raised on farms that are “certified sustainable”

RealAg Radio can be heard every weekday at 4pm eastern on Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM (and re-played the following weekday at 7am.)


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