Happy 4th of July to our American listeners!

We’ve convened the RealAg issues panel for today’s show, hosted by Shaun Haney. The panel includes Bern Tobin, Lyndsey Smith, Dale Leftwich and Kelvin Heppner discussing the following topics:

  • Crop conditions across Ontario and the prairies
  • Doug Ford’s move to repeal Ontario’s cap and trade program
  • The appointment of Ernie Hardeman as Ontario’s ag minister, and expectations vs reality regarding the role of ag ministers today
  • Cory Arnold of AquaSpy also joins Kelvin to discuss soil moisture probes on this week’s edition of Rocky Talk

RealAg Radio can be heard every weekday at 4pm eastern (and again at 7am the following day) on Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM. You can download the podcast below, or through your phone or tablet’s podcast app.

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