A little humour settles the nerves after a wild Thursday in the wheat market

Thursday was a wild day in the wheat trade based on a confusing report out which seemed to indicate Ukraine was going to restrict exports of milling wheat. Bloomberg ran the story and the market — already in rally mode due to weather concerns in Europe — burst more than 25 cents higher based on the confusion (and then later retreated.)

Commodity analysts on Twitter attempted to make sense of the yo-yo pricing action that transpired.

Once you peel back the serious analysis on a volatile day like today, a little humour can help settle the nerves (along with a stiff glass of scotch.) Here is a collection of some of the best market tweets from the day:

After trading as high as US$6.35/bu, Minneapolis wheat for September ended the day on Thursday up only 2 1/2 cents at US$6.10 1/2.

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