303 combines created an unforgettable sight (and sound) on August 4th near Winkler, Manitoba, as they set a new Guinness record for most combine harvesters working simultaneously in a field.

The Harvest for Kids was organized to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Camps International.

Read/hear more: 303 combines set new Guinness record in Winkler, Manitoba

While photos don’t do it justice, here’s an attempt at capturing some of the spectacle (aerial photos courtesy Harvest for Kids):

306 combines lined up and ready to go. (Three combines ran into trouble before completing the five minutes of harvesting required to be counted for the Guinness record.)

Vintage machines ready to roll.

A John Deere 40 and a straight-cutting ’57 Massey were among the 303 combines that finished.

How many bushels do you think this grain tank holds (with the hopper extension!)?
Organizers say at least 15 thousand people watched the harvest in-person.
The final countdown, as Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson and Harvest for Kids’ Dave Thiessen take their birds-eye position for the record attempt, with combines lined up in the background.
And they’re off…at 1.5 miles per hour.
A combine marshal directing traffic and counting combines.

Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson meeting with the team of combine marshals after the harvest to verify numbers. He also reviewed footage of the event to determine how many combines finished.
Robertson presents the Guinness plaque to George Klassen and Dave Thiessen.

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