A grazing plan doesn’t have to be all or nothing — some ranchers will use set-stock grazing, rotational grazing, and any combination of corn, swath, or stock-piled grazing. The key is to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish, then use the strategy that’s best suited to your land base, calving season, and labour availability.

For Edie Creek Angus, near Anola, Man., setting up paddocks and then sub-paddocks is just one way they’re maximizing forage use while also building soil organic matter for even bigger forage yields down the road. What’s more, as Jonathan Bouw, explains in the video below, their using bale grazing to help stretch rest periods while also adding nutrients and organic matter back in certain areas of the farm.

From rest periods and paddock size, to winter feeding timelines, Bouw discusses their innovative approach to grazing management in this latest Beef School episode.

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