37 per cent of Canadians want to end the supply management system and compensate farmers in order to secure a trade deal with the U.S., suggests one of the latest Angus Reid Institute (ARI) polls.

On the flip side, 34 per cent of people surveyed say they stand firm on the system and trade-related restrictions even if it means no trade deal. Lastly, 30 per cent are just unsure.

However, prior to the question being asked, the research institute asked the same question, but left out the part about dairy producers being compensated.

From those results, ARI found 45 per cent of Canadians were firm on keeping the supply management system the way it is, and only 31 per cent say they would want the system to end.

This poll was conducted the day after U.S. President Donald Trump announced a U.S. and Mexico “agreement,” leaving out Canada, and warning the red and white they have until the end of this week to reach a trade deal or suffer even more tariffs.

In that regard, 48 per cent believe President Trump would find a way to take serious action against Canada, and only about 28 per cent believe he is bluffing.

Out of the 1,500 people surveyed, it was also found seven in 10 people believed the Trudeau government is poorly qualified to deal with the Trump administration. Meanwhile, three in 10 blame Trump’s unpredictability for their lack of confidence.

Opinions fell along political alliances, as well, when considering an end to supply management. ARI found that when respondents were divided into political affiliations, the numbers are somewhat different, as Conservatives were the most likely to want to end government regulation (56%) Liberals less likely (42%) and NDP voters most supportive of the system (40%).

Come Friday, if not earlier, it will be interesting to see what the Canadian government will use as it’s leverage towards getting a trilateral trade agreement in place.

One thought on “Divided: New poll shines light on what Canadians think about supply management

  1. Sir. I am always amazed as how much the average Canadian knows about the workings of Supply management.Trump only knows about the tariffs on selling dairy products and poultry into Canada.It should be explained also that Canada does not put any overproduction on the world market and could bring the price down on the world market. In the USA , the dairy farmers get subsidized of the price drops below a certain point.The big dairy companies do not like supply management as their opportunities to make profits goes down under supply management. The congress and Senate in the USA is controlled for a big part by the big companies for a big part of them by the Senate and Congress. We should tell the farmers about the advantages of Suppy Management. but that will never happen under this USA government. The consumer gets a fair price ,It is fair for the farmers and consumers.

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