Massive milestone for sustainable beef pilot program: Cargill

Photo: Canada Beef Inc.

In the third quarter alone, more than one million pounds of beef was produced through the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration (CBSA) pilot, with huge demand for more.

Cargill announced this week its third quarter results from the pilot project initiated in fall of 2017. At just over 1 million pounds of beef from certified sustainable sources, the pilot’s volume nearly doubled from its first to its third quarter.

RealAgriculture field editor Jessika Guse spoke with Emily Murray, general manager of McDonald’s beef within Cargill, at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference at London, Ont., about the pilot program. Murray says their beef customers are asking what more they can do and how much more beef they can access.

Producers are interested, too, as incentives in the form of production credits have been between $10 and just over $20 per head of cattle through the first three quarters of the pilot.

Guse asks Murray how the process to become involved works, what consumers may anticipate seeing at a retail level in terms of claims or logos, and how ranchers can ensure their ranch meets the criteria set out by the sustainability program.


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